[DX350] Screw Air Compressor Controller
VSD(Variable Speed Drive) and Energy Saving
Large Display and Easy-To-Use User Interface
Trip Data Log
Convenient Maintenance
Various Analog Signal Outputs
Compact all-in-one High Performance and Powerful functions
RS485 Communication(MODBUS)
Efficient Control of Multiple Oil-Free Scroll Compressors
  • DX330 can control up to 8 units of oil-free scroll compressors efficiently.
  • Each compressor and step can be set differently.
Intelligent Balance Control by Rotation
  • For overall balance and equal wear of compressors, compressors are rotated according to operation
  • conditions and on/off priority. Total running time difference of each unit is within an hour.
Large Display and Easy-To-Use User Interface
  • A 5″ LCD of 240X128 resolution supports the multilingual(English and Korean language) texts and
  • and images for users. Any operators can select all the menus by following the steps on the screen.
  • It is as easy as your fingertips.
Trip Data Log
  • DX330 records the important data such as trip and traces up to 160 events like a black box.
  • It provides the useful information for analysis and troubleshooting including trip history while tripped.
Convenient Maintenance
  • The information about maintenance including estimated period of spare part replacement is provided.
Compact all-in-one High Performance and Powerful Functions
  • While it is very small, it also has many other important functions such as auto recovery from
  • CPU down by noise, access code control, schedule operation, and etc. Optimized system for users
  • can be setup with its high performance and powerful functions.
Analog Signal Output of Pressure(4~20mA)
  • Analog pressure signal is retransmitted(4-20mA) to other devices.
RS485 Communication(MODBUS)
  • It is versatile and can connect to upper system perfectly. Communication via RS485(MODBUS)
  • provides many options to the users(remote control, remote display, data manipulation, and etc.).

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