[FX32A] Mini Air Compressor Controller
Run/Stop Switch Embedded
Various Timers
Alarm and Shutdown
Self Diagnosis
Thermometer and Manometer
Run/Stop Switch
  • Motor on/off, load run, auto-stop, manual stop, and etc.
Various Timers
  • Auto stop delay, start delay, stop delay, load delay, blow down, and etc.
Alarm and Shutdown
  • High limits(pressure and temperature) and low limit(temperature)
  • Interlock input signal(emergency switch, overcurrent, reverse phase)
Hour Meter
  • Total run hours, load run hours, service hour, and etc.
Self Diagnosis
  • Thermometer and Manometer
  • RS485 Communication(MODBUS)
  • It is versatile. Communication via RS485(MODBUS) provides many options to the users
  • (remote control, remote display, data manipulation, and etc.).